About Ashkan 

Ashkan Mapar is the Portfolio Manager and Principal of Triton Funds LLC, a $25M venture fund run by undergraduate students from UC San Diego that focuses on making investments into both early stage private companies and micro to small cap public companies. Alongside Triton Funds, Ashkan is also a private investor and has had experience in various Cannabis Advisory roles.


His breadth of experience as an investor tied with his new generational approach to investing brings a fresh perspective on the capital markets in our rapidly growing environment. As a young investor, Ashkan focuses on identifying home run investments, assisting companies through the intricacies of raising capital, and advising companies on their growth plans but also has the ability to learn and adapt in special situations that may come his way.


His key specialties include but are not limited to: Equity & Debt Private Placements, Registered Offerings, Equity Lines of Credit, Restructurings, Regulation A+, Angel Investing, Seed Rounds, Crowdfunding, Series A & B, and Company Advisory. 


As the Principal of Triton Funds and as a private investor, he gets to witness first hand the attributes that make a public company successful but also sees the mistakes that are made in their capital raising process which include everything from dealing with potential investors to managing current shareholder expectations. Tired of seeing companies with good intentions take the wrong steps, Ashkan is here to discuss various topics in the capital markets from an investor’s point of view.